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Thursday, September 5, 2013

new obsession

 polymer flower

 and rustic polymer beads combined with other chunky stones

I recently bought a couple of really fun tutorials that sent me off in a new direction in my jewelry making. I have piles of rustic polymer clay beads inspired by THEBLUEBOTTLETREE's tute Tutorial Rustic Beads and Components from Polymer Clay and RIVERVALLEYDESIGN's  Polymer clay tutorial - Create a Faux carved bone look using polymer clay, and acrylics 

Since I am all about color and textures these methods are perfect for me and the beads and components I've been making have the added perk of being light weight so I can add chunky things to earrings and necklaces without worrying about dragging the wearer down.

Now I have to find time to put all these together into fab new pieces to add to the shop ( The temptation is just to keep experimenting and creating beads but the studio can't hold any more beads and partially completed projects.


And I keep adjusting things that I thought were finished just a day ago.

Like this necklace: I changed the pendant to one of the new polymer flowers and now I'm thinking I'll remove the lava beads at the ends of the string and replace with light weight polymer, or maybe leather would feel better on the neck, or maybe seed beads would be light, feel good, and be pretty.  I don't know, I shall have to mull it over for a while.

here's a closeup of some of the polymer mixed with carved agate, jasper, quartz, Czech glass, etc. I'm crazy about the contrast in textures.

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