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Saturday, December 18, 2010


... had a brief interview with Susan Zevon a few weeks back about gift wrapping ideas; she wrote about Leslie Carola's book "Wrapped With Style" which included many of my designs.
I mentioned in the interview that I loved using templates to tear out envelopes to give gift cards, photos or thank you notes. It's so simple and I get to use my own papers. No measuring or scissors.  The article, with variations, has turned up everywhere and unfortunately I neglected to mention where I got the templates - so  here's the url:

pic. 1 - tear out shape           pic. 2 - turn over and fold shape around center template       pic. 3 - use dabs of glue to adhere sides and bottom flaps; use sticker or envelope glue for top flap. 
(I didn't show it here but I prefer using double sided papers.)

This product image courtesy of Jon Van Gorder shows brightly dotted paper complimented by a ribbon with smaller dots, a creation by Susan Swan from the book "Wrapped with Style," Universe Publishing, 2009.
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