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Thursday, September 30, 2010

the new Girl Scout book is at the printer

I've done another big project for one of my favorite clients-
(I think I should qualify for an honorary badge soon! or at least
some Girl Scout cookies.)
The AD, Sara Gillingham, made the brilliant suggestion to adapt
what I had already been doing for headlines for a font to be used for the
body copy too. It has a crude paper cut look to it which
suits the book well. We used to generate the font.
I'm working on a couple others now too just for fun (one, a curly
cut paper kind of font which I've used on my new website -
along with the Girl Scout PaperDaisies font.)

The journey theme for the girls this time is 'It's Your Story--Tell It!'
and I got to show animals from around the world. And even got
to do some animal masks that the girls can download and put together
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