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Saturday, June 13, 2009

crafty stuff

Another fun project for a book packager finished and out of here- I get to be crafty and come up with cards, tags, wrapping papers and make them different by cutting, folding, tearing...Who knew I would love teabag folding? Or punching... It's mostly because I love designing the papers- the projects look amazingly different depending on the papers I use. I have to reign myself in because I tend to come up with ideas too complicated and time consuming for the average crafter to want to tackle. And because I love pattern I can make every thing much too busy. I throw in some very clean simple things every once in a while to give everyone a breather. I have now have a huge store of paper designs that I've got to do something with...
Here are a couple of images that may or may not have made it into the books, not sure.

There are other variations of this '2' card in another post I think.
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